World Report sees video as a powerful tool for communication.

We design special trainings on demand for organisations that wish to raise their own capacity to film, collect footage and produce their own video stories.

The training can be a one day workshop on how to improve video and audio quality when using your camcorder or mobile phone.

In a training like this we teach the practical do’s and don’ts concerning filming: stability of the shots, framing, lighting, focussing, interview settings, use of external microphones, background noise etc.

But it can also be a multiannual project to teach an organization how to make and broadcast their own video or TV productions.

training_SL_klas_1024For example: over the last years we have trained the nature protection organization Nature Tropicale in Benin, West Africa to film and edit their own environmental movies. They now broadcast three times per week on the National TV Channel BB24, Matin Environnement’ and reach a broad audiance.

Another multiannual project in the West African region was: Camguards run by GAWA: Green Actors of West Africa. In this project environmental NGO’s from 12 different West African countries were trained and coached while producing a TV series called SOTE: State of the Environment.

We have experience with participatory video approaches in several countries:

Senegal: FAO project PREVINOBA Projet de reboisement villageois dans le Nord West du Basin Arachidier.

Colombia, CAMCORDISTAS : five years working with an indigenous tribe in the Amazonas.

The Netherlands, 2 years working with farmers in the Tielerwaard.

and currently a project in Togo and Benin: Reserve Bioshere Transfrontalier du Delta Mono.