Beat the drum on the story!

Are you a communication professional looking for a production company which can help you to produce a cost-effective and captivating video story? Please contact our headquarters in Amsterdam to share your communication targets and ideas with us. We will help you to design the best approach to create the audio-visual content you need.

Our unique selling points are:

  • Creativity: producing videos that work for both public and private audiences.
  • Experience: we have been making films on environmental and sustainability issues and solutions in more than 60 countries worldwide.
  • Sustainability: we are now working with local film crews worldwide: less flying / CO2 emissions, lower costs, local employment and capacity building.
  • Reaching the communication targets through state of the art audio-visual formats for: awareness raising campaigns, education, explainer video, motion graphic video, e-learning, fundraising, international conference video, monitoring and evaluation, participatory video, multi-media project, documentary, annual video report for donors and policy makers.

FARMER VOICES on cocoa production, climate change and forest protection (2’00”)

The Cocoa & Forests Initiative is an active commitment of top cocoa-producing countries with leading chocolate and cocoa companies to end deforestation and restore forest areas, through no further conversion of any forest land for cocoa production.

Glowen Kyei-Mensah, Program Manager Cocoa & Forests Initiative -Ghana:

“The IDH Ghana team has been working with World Report for the past 2 years and we find their work exemplary. They produced several videos and documentaries for the Cocoa and Forest Initiative and we have a solid partnership with them. Their approach to work is systematic and they deliver to a high international standard. World Report has on several occasions collaborated with our local film team in Ghana to produce really good work. This collaboration has built the capacity of our local team and we are proud to say working with World Report has improved our team”.

Salifu Abdul Hafiz, camera crew Ghana

“We have seen a beautiful collaboration between our production company and World Report over the years. They have been the backbone of many successful international productions. We are grateful to them for coaching and collaborating with us smoothly always. We admire their fast turnaround time, attention to detail and the quality of their videos”.

VIDEO: FARMFIT, Investing in Inclusive Agriculture ( 2’30”)

Farmfit is a game changing private-public initiative set to break the cycle of rural agricultural poverty. By providing data, insights and de-risking finance to banks and businesses, Farmfit enables investment in smallholder agriculture that were previously perceived too risky.

Produced by World Report and local film crews in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda.